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As an attorney and former billboard company executive, Fletcher is ideally suited to meet the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Paul division and general counsel for the parent corporation. Before joining the out of home industry, she worked as a young lobbyist at the Minnesota legislature.

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  • Stephen Freitas Chief Marketing Officer sfreitas oaaa. He is the leading industry marketing spokesman and thought leader, helping to advance and unite the out of home advertising industry through education and marketing.

    As senior vice president of marketing, Freitas was responsible for global branding, advertising, research, public relations, and corporate communications.

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  • Prior to joining the out of home advertising industry, Freitas worked as a media planner at two San Francisco agencies. He also worked at Chevron, USA for eight years. His career has encompassed marketing leadership in the cable TV, radio and retail sectors.

    He has received national award recognition from the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau, the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing, the National Association of Broadcasters, and the International Council of Shopping Centers for marketing and community service programs. About OAAA. Our expert team of industry veterans believes a trade association works best when it knows and understands the needs and priorities of the members it serves.

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    Widely published, Klein speaks for the industry and has served as an expert in court. Werlinich focuses on membership recruitment, event planning, human resources, information technology, and a variety of other areas and programs that keep OAAA running.

    In the last 32 years, she has held various administrative and membership roles from administrative assistant to the oversight of the Outdoor Advertising Political Action Committee OAPAC.

    Можно ли аскорбинку с лидокаином при кррвоточивости

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